Traditional Style Kitchens

Traditional style kitchens and country-style living with K100 Kitchens

Traditional kitchens are perfect for a welcoming family home, country retreat, garden cottage or character town-house. Farmhouse timeless classics can combine fitted and free-standing furniture options together with some individual pieces and elements to give your design its own unique and special twist.

There are a lot of choices to make and kitchen design subtleties to blend into your own fabulous traditional space.. Traditional kitchens and country-style living are ideal for creating a kitchen that really is the heart of your home The question is where to start and that is where we can begin to help. Beautiful and unique traditional kitchens with all the benefits of a bespoke design process at a price that suits your budget.

Traditional style kitchen design elements and factors to consider

There are many options and it is well worth starting with your Wish List. Here are some of the factors to think about as you consider how to design your Traditional Style Kitchen. Ideas to help you get started on your checklist,your preferences and favourites that you might like to include in your rustic kitchen.

  • Your Kitchen’s existing style, architecture and the context of your house or home. How will it enable existing features to be enhanced or highlighted. Will there be any changes to the existing layout and how can you make the best of the space as it is with some of the constraints that can often be inherited in an older property. The physical dimensions and plan of your current space must be central to all your thinking and designing. How will you know if your dream kitchen can fit the space with room to breathe and actually live in it?
  • Features of not just the space but your traditional family favourites and vintage finds, will help set the scene for your particular style of traditional kitchen and need to be incorporated into your design scheme.
  • Will your Kitchen be part of a living space for breakfast, dinner or tea and how those extended spaces feature as part of your integrated design and all work together whilst maintaining an individual feel and look as if it was bespoke but a price that will work within your budget?
  • Fitted and free-standing furniture, what combinations will work for you in terms of look as well as function? Will fitted furniture work in your existing layout, can you get the best of bespoke, fitted and free-standing and still it all work together?
  • Materials with a traditional and country feel: natural woods, neutral tones,painted wood, even a New England feel, a splash of warm textures, tones and colour creating the feel of the farmhouse. Your choice of materials will be an essential element of your traditional kitchen design’s success.
  • Quality and quantity of storage matters: irrespective of your chosen style we always plan for more space than you currently need, because not unsurprisingly you will find you grow into it. The quality of the materials and construction will not only impact on how long your significant investment will last but also ease of use and function, so try to maximise quality and quantity and just be mindful that some old-style storage may not be so great in our hectic modern lifestyles. Do you really want to dust the plate rack all the time? Good news is we can offer a vast array of cabinetry options to suit your style and pocket, colours and finishes are also rich and varied. We can also design your rustic-style kitchen furniture to fit almost any space, so that you get the best of bespoke design and quality at a price that falls within the budget that you set and specify.
  • Space to socialise share a meal and enjoy a long relaxed chat with family and friends: how can you create enough space to sit, eat, chat and chill, whilst still letting the cook carry-on and not be left-out of the laughter.
  • Traditional fixtures and fittings for your country-style kitchen: what will give your kitchen the authentic feel. Belfast sinks, antique or period Taps and Faucets what will you include and how will they fit into your design scheme, be practical for plumbing and reasonably easy to maintain.
  • Appliances generally are high-tech but will you want to capture a retro feel: how will your traditional look accommodate those vital appliances, will it be an Aga or discretely fitted modern appliances with stainless steel fitted doors or a combination of the two. A country and traditional kitchen by its origin must be a functional working space. If you have the luxury of hiving-off the washing to a utility room then how will it complement your kitchen-style?
  • Colours , Tiles, Splashbacks, Walls and Flooring: you may have some potential for exposed brick, beams and pre-existing features in your Kitchen room but you can also add features and mix and match, old and new elements to add even more authenticity to your traditional Kitchen. Options include Heritage colours, tile schemes that emulate the older period that you kitchen seeks to echo, splashbacks with vintage artefacts to add character, mirrors, art and objects to set-off your decorative schemes, There are oodles of possibilities.

Traditional Style Kitchens and how K100 can help you design your perfect room

Traditional country-style kitchens are part of our heritage and we can help you achieve a unique design for your own vintage-look, to find out more, click here for  Why customers choose K100 or for more about our Kitchen Design services click here.