Bathroom Design


How K100 can help you design your perfect Bathroom, Shower or Wet Room?

Whatever the size of your space it can be streamlined and stylish, with careful planning and a stylish look that can stand the test of time, easy to clean and maintain. Each Bathroom should have an element of the haven as well as making the best of the space available. Small can be beautiful too.

Working with our designers you can quickly establish your wishlist, get a realistic sense of the budget and work with us to refine a design that optimises your space. we will computer design the look of you room and help you make the design decisions that are just right for you, your family and your pocket.


Bathrooms designed to create the perfect space for you

Our designer will work with you to create a style and space that is just right for your home and lifestyle, a small selection can be seen here, or take a look at out style books and magazine for ideas for your Bathroom:

  • Modern or Ultra Modern
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary with a twist
  • Designer Spa space
  • Family Bathrooms
  • Ensuites
  • Shower/ Wet Rooms

We will design to suit you and your home, with an individual, unique design that takes full account of your needs and aspirations:

  • Maximise the sense of space, reduce visual and physical barriers
  • Clean lines, minimal detailing except where you want a design statement
  • Curvaceous and organic shapes bringing a contemporary feel
  • Monochrome neutral colourways with some striking contrasts and finishes
  • Sleek neutral elegance