Unique Design Services


Unique Design Services

Helping you design your own unique look and feel to your space, use your favourite colours , individual style and finishes and working with beautiful products of a superior quality that you will know, just by the look and feel, are built to last.

Our clients know their own minds and know what they like, have an idea of what they want to spend (or we can quickly help them get a feel for a ballpark budget) we just help them get the best design, quality and value for their money. If you are thinking about, considering a shortlist of providers or need some help fast, we can help. Often our clients.

  • Know what they like but might like someone to help you put that total look together, work out what it will realistically cost for the look, functionality, perfect fit and for the quality you prefer.
  • Want to know its going to last 10/20 years at least
  • Want to make a mark with their own personal signature and style working with our designers who listens first and will only recommend a design and specification that suits their tastes and requirements, not just what their supplier happens to have on the shelf or in the warehouse.
  • Recoil at the lack of quality, polish and service they have encountered in a high street or retail park multiple,
  • It is a substantial investment, the process needs careful consideration it should not be a hassled or pressured experience and it will not be with us.

Come and get inspired at out Showrooms

Enjoy the wide range and individual choices you can make with K100, the personable professional service we can provide together with a relaxed and always warm welcome. Take a look at our website, see a little of what you might like, then come and have a general preliminary chat with one of our designers. Whether you want a Kitchen as the heart of your home, a chic and city slick Bathroom or a serenely, relaxing Bedroom design, custom designed to suit your exact requirements then we can help

We know it takes time, care and attention to every detail, to design your unique and beautiful , fully equipped new room just as you would like it.

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